Allocine mobile application for MeeGo Harmattan (Nokia N950 & Nokia N9)

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Application Details

The goal of this application for MeeGo Harmattan is to access to popular cinema websites from AlloCine group with a native application. It is somewhat comparable in functionnalities to Android or iPhone applications. The information is accessed through the AlloCine API.

Note that this is not an official application, and we are in no way related to AlloCine company.

While initially developped in french only, the application will support all the websites powered by AlloCine API. At the moment the application supports the following services:



Main Page Theater Map Page Movie Page
Casting Page Locating User Movie Search Page
Profile Page Theater Page Theater Search Page

Get the application

I am currently in discussion with AlloCine to figure out what can be done to officially release a MeeGo application. In the meantine, the current application will not be available to download, sorry...


Feel free to contact us for any question related to this application by email: or via Jabber:

Note that there is also a thread on open for discussion